A time of innocence

Spring is just around the corner if it isn’t already stirring and a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of …. well you know what young men turn their thoughts to! I’ve been thinking too about the formation of a Trust and I can tell you that it can be a considerable weight on the mind. A timetable to the formation of a Trust has been published and we now have a webpage devoted to it so no excuses for not at least looking and if the fancy takes hold getting involved (follow the link top left).

Spring is a time for getting out and about and blowing away the blues of winter. In an age of innocence long gone one way of doing this for a certain class of society was to get out the Broads Yacht and go for a cruise. Since 1912 the head of navigation on the Bure has been Coltishall and Horstead Lock which is a little way upstream from Coltishall Common where the photograph below was taken in Edwardian times or thereabouts. In all probability the Aylsham Navigation was still open when this picture was taken but I doubt if many yachts made it up there but I am open to be persuaded otherwise by research or photographic evidence.

This seems to be something of a gathering all dressed in their sunday best but the exact time of year is a little difficult to judge. The trees are all in leaf but there’s still a certain chill in the air so I guess it’s early Spring, possibly a May bank holiday or even a late Easter. I wonder who these people were but I can assume quite safely that they had a life of privilege and that they little knew the disaster that was coming their way in the form of World War 1. Many thanks to Brian Kermode for permission to use this photograph which was originally part of the Jarrolds range.

Those that know the Common at Coltishall will clearly identify this as the location but I wonder what happened to the boats and the people?


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