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There’s been a lot happening and I’ve not been very good at putting it in to a blog for you but there are reasons for that not the least of which is that my email got hacked which at best is annoying and at worst is extremely annoying. I don’t propose to do much now as I will do more later in the week after the first AGM of the BNCT. This meeting is taking place on Tuesday evening 21/05/2013 at Burgh Reading Room starting at 7.30pm and you would be made very welcome, member or not.

Items to be discussed include the finances of the charity, future plans, the footpath and its condition as well as early stage plans by the EA that might change the nature of our Navigation. I will resume normal service later in the week.

Buxton Lock during the navigation's working life circa 1910
Buxton Lock during the navigation’s working life circa 1910

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