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The Aylsham Navigation Project 2012

  1. Why 2012?

    It is 100 years, on August 26th to be precise since the Navigation closed to traffic following disastrous floods.

  2. Is the River still navigable?

    In parts the river could be navigated but all of the locks are gone so only vessels capable of being easily removed from the water and walked around the obstacles such as canoes can now be used. A canoe can make it all the way.

  3. Where were the locks

    Coltishall with Horstead, Buxton, Oxnead, Burgh and Aylsham.

  4. What is the project going to do?

    The project will do as much as its participants are able to do but the plan is to study and record the history and wildlife. To establish the basis for a waterside trail and to celebrate the waterway itself in 2012.

  5. What can we do to help?

    This is a community project. Independant groups can do wnatever they like in furtherance of the overall project. However to ensure that there is not any overlap or repitition there will be a co-ordinating committee which should be contacted in the first instance onĀ

    Interested individuals who would like to take part can also contact the above address and I’m sure we can find a niche that suits your particular interests.