I have had cause a couple of times this week to curse the inconvenience of road closures and I’m sure friends and colleagues in Coltishall have good cause to moan at the moment as they’re having more than their fair share of it.  The bridge itself between Horstead and Coltishall was closed some of the time as engineers worked on it and then the closures spread further into the village (is Coltishall a village or a town?).

The simple act of closing the bridge in 2011 causes a great inconvenience and the posted diversion which none of the locals including myself used actually takes you nearly 20 miles out of the way. Bus services are seriously affected and all types of local services are affected from the postman to the District Nurse. Ambulances from North Walsham have to find another and slower route to the Norfolk and Norwich and the humble commute of many is made more frustrating and longer.

At least now the closure is of limited duration and there are ways around albeit quite awkward. In 1912 when the bridge was destroyed along with all the others there was no immediate hope of an imminent re-opening and no easy diversion. Communities were quite literally cut off and the affect on North Norfolk was keenly felt much further afield than just the two communities linked by the bridge.

Coltishall Bridge about to be inspected immediately after the flood had subsided

The picture above clearly illustrates the damage done and we can only imagine the wider problems this created. I wonder what this inspection party, as that is what we think they were, really thought of it.

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