There are various bits of Navigation news to impart but beggar that I want to tell you about my dream. It was seriously weird and I went to bed stone cold sober. I had however attended an event where a rather delicious strawberry ice cream went down rather well.

My dream and this is genuine took place at an indeterminate but modern time (for me that’s almost anytime from 1955 onwards) at Oxnead Lock. Well it would be wouldn’t it? Any regular reader will know of my particular liking for Oxnead on the Navigation. It was summer and hot. The Navigation was miraculously working and there were full black sailed wherries in the picture but there was also pleasure boaters and people enjoying the river and the tranquility of the spot. This is the weird bit I was selling ice cream from a specially adapted boat such as the one in the photograph below which I had moored between the bridge and the lock just short of the start of the lock cut. I had a queue of customers and somehow the wherry captains would also stop and buy one. I was only selling strawberry ice cream in cones, very big cones.

I wouldn’t actually wish my dream to ever come true – there were far too many people and it all seemed very  out of place but if there’s anybody out there that would like to take an interpretive guess feel free.

Ice Cream boat on the Broads

Now the news very briefly. Thanks to Pete and Sue Baker and others (you know who you are) for having the Navigation stall at the recent Coltishall and Burgh fete’s. This was a good means of spreading the word and raising our profile and I know from talking to them that Peter and Sue thorougly enjoyed themselves. We also have news on the footpath by the Island in Brampton. The route of this path had been in dispute and went to a planning enquiry which has now reported and decided the issue in favour of the riverside route which has been enjoyed by generations.

To return to my dream for just a minute please see the picture from the Norfolk County Council archive (thanks to them for allowing its use) below showing Oxnead Mill pre-1912.

Oxnead Mill before the flood courtesy of Norfolk County Council

The lock cut is going off to the right and in my dream I was just this side of the junction moored on the right hand bank which is where the riverside path still is. This photograph was, I think taken from the bridge area and the view is much different today as you can see below in one of my own photographs. The modern view is nearer to how it was in my dream although perhaps it was something in-between. I think I should stop eating ice-cream. Finally I haven’t mentioned the kitten for a while – well she’s growing and far more interested in the other cats than me now although I became her friend for life yesterday when I saved her from a working washing maching . Miaowwww

Oxnead taken in April 2007 copyright Stu Wilson

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