The Aylsham Navigation on film and you can own a copy

A new DVD set has been produced by John Parker, an independant film maker and Trust supporter for the Bure Navigation Conservation Trust as part of the Aylsham Navigation’s centenary events. It has been wonderfully filmed, edited and narrated and comes in two parts. The first tells the story of the wherries to Aylsham and contains some interesting local material filmed on and around the river in Brampton and Oxnead. The Aylsham Navigation served our communities from 1797 until 1912 when it was closed by a massive flood.

The second disc shows the river from Horstead to Aylsham as it is today; again local scenes can be found. It really is a televisual feast.

Copies can be ordered from Stuart Wilson ( ) at a price of £7.99 each (+ £1.00 p&p although we will deliver free locally). Any donations to the trust can also be made by following this link.

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