Time to draw breath

I am not one of natures natural bloggers so if you want the job it’s yours.

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind from the first thought that the Navigation should be remembered through to this, a website and a plan of sorts. I’ve had great help and encouragement down the way from a number of people and you all know who you are but now we’ve shown our hands in public I guess we’ve got to make it work.

Ironically I think that one way of doing that is actually to take a brief step back and take a deep breath. Not for long mind as that’s not in my nature. Just enough time to reflect on what’s gone right and what hasn’t. In particular how to engage the younger generation in this project has got to be high up on the intake of breath process. Also we have to consider now that the ball is rolling that we actually have to produce something – it’s actually quite daunting as we’re being very (perhaps overly) bold about what we’re doing.

This will only work if we can engage the maximum number of organisations all pulling together to a common cause. Behind organisations are people and they are central to this, pure and simply individuals putting themselves out to produce something for the common good and hopefully having fun into the bargain.

But just for that minute I’m going to draw breath.



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